Research FOCUS

SEACaRL offers research-based subsurface characterisation, modeling and training.

SEACaRL covers the entire workflow: from description of cores and well logs to conceptual

and geocellular models – students acquire key competencies for a successful start in the industry.

SEACaRL is a centre of excellence for petrophysical  and geological subsurface characterisation and modeling.

SEACaRL workflows are based on templates as used in E&P companies bringing consistency and transparency to all research.

Our research includes:

  • Thin section analysis/microfacies characterisation
  • Core description
  • Borehole image interpretation
  • Well log interpretation
  • Stratigraphic correlation
  • Outcrop characterisation
  • Construction of conceptual geological models
  • Digital geological models

SEACaRL uses these software packages:

ThinSectionManager TM
Techlog TM
Petrel TM
JewelSuite TM