Permo-Triassic Sequence of the Arabian Plate Permo-Triassic Sequence of the Arabian Plate’, edited by Michael Pöppelreiter, is based on the findings of an EAGE organised workshop held in Kuwait on the stratigraphy, reservoir and exploration techniques of the Arabian Khuff formation. The volume portrays the Khuff formation, which stretches across six countries, from an integrated petroleum- systems perspective: source, reservoir and seal across the platform from margin to open marine environments. The special publication was written by 64 authors and co-authors, from 17 nations across three continents, affiliated to industry and academia. The Khuff is portrayed hierarchically from basin, play, environment, body and grain scale in 15 chapters on 400 pages with emphasis on 229 high-quality, full-color figures.

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M92 – Dipmeter and Borehole Image Log TechnologyAAPG Memoir 92
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Borehole imaging is among the fastest and most accurate methods for collecting high resolution subsurface data. Recent breakthroughs in acquisition, tool design, and modeling software provide real-time subsurface images of incredible detail, from the drill bit straight to a workstation. Associated interpretation workflows offer the high level of detail that is needed to make operational decision and to increase the predictability of subsurface models.
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