Current research projects

    • Microfacies analysis of a Carbonate Platform in Central Luconia, offshore Malaysia
    • Seismic geomorphology of a Carbonate Platform in Central Luconia, offshore Malaysia
    • Tectono stratigraphic evolution of the Central Luconia region, offshore Malaysia
    • Analysis of micropores in Carbonate Platforms of Central Luconia, Malaysia
    • Chemo-stratigraphy of selected Central Luconia platforms
    • Central Luconia rock physics
    • Modelling strategies for carbonate atolls (Petrel workflows)
    • Architecture of the Oligo-Miocene Gomantong limestone in Sukau area, Sabah, Malaysia
    • Diagenesis and architecture of stratiform dolomites in selected Central Luconia  platforms
    • Seismic petrophysics
    • Semi-quantitative estimate of controls and forward modeling of Central Luconia  platforms
    • Sedimentology and architecture of the  Oligo-Miocene Subis Platform, Niah, Sarawak, Malaysia
    • Lafarge environmentally friendly cement quarrying of the Kinta Limestone, West Malaysia
    • CO2 core flood experiments at selected carbonate platforms
    • Electrofacies characterisation  of a Carbonate Platform
    • Semi-quantitative characterisation of Miocene dispersed organic matter
    • Atlas of modern reef geometries from satellite
    • Automatic image based carbonate characterisation: i-ROCK-reader and i-RIS-software


Completed Research Projects

Year Degree, Students Title
2009 Msc Haylay Tsegab Sedimentology Of The F23 Platform, Central Luconia, Malaysia
2010 Msc Shakila Binti Mustafala Litho-facies Mapping For Qualitative Evaluation Of Caprock Seal Capacity In

Northeast Central Luconia Offshore, Sarawak

2011 Msc Siti Nuralia Pore Texture And Its Relationship To Sonic Velocity Of The Central

Luconia Carbonates

2011 Rulliyanshah Dolomitization In Miocene Carbonate Platforms Of Central Luconia,

Sarawak: Character, Origin, And Impact On Reservoir Properties

2011 Msc Ting King King A New Rock Type Classification For Central Luconia Carbonates
2011 Msc Jasmin Saw Impact Of Pollution By Potential Oil Spills On Coastal Facies Of Pulau Pangkor
2011 Msc Habibur Rahman Quantification And Classification Of Microporosity In A Miocene

Carbonate Platform Of Central Luconia, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia

And Its Effects On Reservoir Properties

2012 Msc Ahmed Dedeche Growth History And Facies Evolution Of The Miocene Carbonate

Platform Of Gunung Subis, Onshore Sarawak

2012 Phd Solomon Kassa Development Of Subaerial Karst In The Kinta Valley, Peninsular Malaysia
2013 Msc Chong Chee Meng Structural History Of The Kinta Valley, Perak, Malaysia
2013 Msc Syazwani The Impact Of Relative Sea Level Fluctuations On Diagenesis Of

Holocene Carbonates, East Of Sabah, Malaysia

2014 MSC Nor Sara Izzatti Carbonate Pore Structure And Seismic Velocities of Carbonate

Platforms Of Central Luconia, Sarawak

2014 Msc Atilia Bashardin Biostratigraphy Of The Paleozoic Succession In Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia
2015 Phd Omer Babiker Palyno-stratigraphy Of The  Muglad Basin, Sudan
2016 Phd Haylay Tsegab Facies And Stratigraphy Of The Kinta Limestone, Malaysia
2016 MSC Aishah Hanafi Architecture Of Oligocene-Miocene Coral-foraminifera

Platforms Onshore NE Borneo