Welcome to SEACaRL!

Welcome to SEACaRL!

Message from Head of Centre

Prof. Dr. Michael C. Poppelreiter

Head – South-East Asia Carbonate Research Laboratory – SEACaRL

Email : m.poppelreiter@utp.edu.my   &   m.poppelreiter@shell.com

“Dear students and  colleagues,
SEACaRL invites you to embark on a  journey to discover the fascinating world of carbonates.

Born in the sea, carbonates are made up of shells: corals for example.
For geoscientists,they are the valuable record of the evolution of life.
They record; as sensitive as no other rock; the changes that  our planet experienced for millions of years: climate, seawater composition and currents. The birth and demise of entire oceans is recorded in carbonates.

SEACaRL welcomes you to decipher the landscape of the past for the benefit of our society and contributes to the prediction of energy, water and raw materials.

Join us on our journey towards a whole world of discovery and understanding.”

Prof. Dr. M.C. Poppelreiter